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If you’re a WordPress website designer in Bangladesh and you want to set up a payment system on your website, you can consider integrating popular payment gateways that are widely used in Bangladesh. Here are some payment methods commonly used in Bangladesh, and you can check if they have plugins or integrations available for WordPress:

  1. bKash: bKash is a popular mobile financial service in Bangladesh. Check if there are any plugins available for integrating bKash payments on your WordPress site.

  2. Rocket by Dutch-Bangla Bank: Rocket is another popular mobile banking service in Bangladesh. You may want to explore if there are plugins or APIs that allow you to integrate Rocket payments on your website.

  3. Nagad: Nagad is a mobile financial service provided by the Bangladesh Post Office. Similar to bKash and Rocket, check if there are plugins or APIs available for integrating Nagad payments on your WordPress site.

  4. PayPal and Stripe: While not specific to Bangladesh, both PayPal and Stripe are widely used international payment gateways. They may support transactions in Bangladesh, but be sure to check their availability and the services they offer in your region.

  5. SSLCommerz: SSLCommerz is a popular payment gateway in Bangladesh. Check if there is a WordPress plugin or API available for integrating SSLCommerz on your website.

Before integrating any payment system, ensure that it complies with the regulations and guidelines set by the relevant authorities in Bangladesh. Also, consider factors such as transaction fees, ease of use, and customer support when choosing a payment gateway for your WordPress website.

Remember to keep your website and payment transactions secure by using SSL certificates and following best practices for online security. Always test the payment system thoroughly before making it live on your website. If you’re not comfortable with the technical aspects, consider seeking assistance from a developer or a WordPress expert.

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